Bio: This is my adventures down the rabbit hole, of London, Ontario, and the local music scene! I am so loving the stories and the connections, and the meeting of exceptional and intriguing people who tell their stories via their music. so very magical to me!

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  1. Donna says:

    hello there! oh how sweet to hear from you! I do enjoy your words, and your persistence in getting posts up and just being you. I have to be honest the EC that you speak of is not my thing. I am going thru a super weird time with covid and all things people related, and peopled out for the most part 🙂 but many thanks for your sweet note and your thoughts!


  2. Bruce says:

    Dear Donna,

    You’ve been so kind to me in responding to many of my WordPress posts. And I’ve always enjoyed talking to you when we meet in person.

    I’m sending this message about the Evolutionary Collective because I care about you. Hearing about the EC may pique your interest. Or perhaps not!

    In my posts in Facebook and WordPress, I’ve often mentioned the Evolutionary Collective but I haven’t really let you know what it’s about.  The essence of our work is deepening the connection between two people, whether family, friends or romantic partners.  The term we use to describe this is “mutual awakening”.

    If you’re curious about the EC, I suggest you check out our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/evolutionarycollective).  There are words and pictures to enjoy.

    If you’d like to explore more deeply, a free Introduction To Mutual Awakening e-Course is available.  Here’s the link for that:  https://www.evolutionarycollective.com/intro-mutual-awakening-ecourse

    The EC has made a huge difference in my life.  I hope you’ll take a look.  Send me a message if you’d like to talk about what you’re reading.  I’d love that.

    On we go in life, Donna.

    With love,


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