My Crazy October 2018

This month is full of awesome, inspiring amazing and totally not connected type of events! My ten days, from October 11th to October 21st is kind of fascinating! Each music event I attend I am totally blown away by the stories, and that the artists each have them about the music they make, the reasons they chose to cover a particular song, the sounds of their music! it is so very fascinating. I want to ask the musicians what makes them make music. I am pretty sure the answer is it is deep in their souls!

11 10 18~Living Room Concert hosted by mom jeans-Tragedy Ann and The Pairs

The Pairs

12 10 18~Stratford, The Revival House-Steel City Rovers.  Recommended by Martin Noakes Great Dark Wonder, actually, Martin insisted I not miss this one 🙂 So Very delighted he was absolutely correct! Such an amazing skill.

Steele City Rovers

13 10 18~KEVA food forest Harvest Festival and cider pressing-Three Piece Penny

13 10 18~The St. Regis Tavern-CD Release Party for the Heartaches Stringband

The Heartaches Stringband CD

15 10 18~The Cuckoos Nest, Sunfest presentation of The Younguns from the UK

18 10 18~The Aeolian-The Fortunate Ones, new to me

19 10 18~Port Stanley-The Pairs, Pat Maloney and another fellow from Ireland Tiz McNamara at lovely little church

20 10 18~Broomsticks and Hammers play at the old legion on Hill Street with a bunch of others! This was a lovely evening hosted by 331 Arts a cool collective of music-minded souls. I also heard several new people and of course took tons of photos!

I am pretty sure living room concerts have become my absolute most favourite way to enjoy the amazing local talent we have right here at home, in London, Ontario.  I have been to more new places in town, in the last two or three years, than like all my years prior to that time frame in London. It amazes me that there is so much going on and how many days there were two or more events missed because they happened at the same time! What a tough life, shall I go here or there, will I make it to both events, or only have the ambition and desire to do one in an evening? Oh, the questions I must ask, the places I will go.  So it continues in a year where I say I was not keeping track or counting, yet posts keep appearing all about the numbers! I do enjoy things in a row, and all lined up. go figure….