And Then It Was February….

Wow! Where did the time go? Just like that, we are in mid-February of 2019! Seems kind of crazy especially since the last blog I posted was maybe June. But here we are.

A bit of a recap perhaps, 2017 I attended 100 music events, met the loveliest of people and connected with so many amazing singer-songwriters and heard their stores and shared their music.  In 2018 I decided I was not going to keep count or lists of the events, I would just go out and see what I found and enjoy where I was.  So, I attended 126 events in 2018! Everyone kept asking how many shows I had seen.  This year, for 2019 I am not even thinking about numbers.  Well, maybe just a little bit.

I was completely fascinated by the four days in February, the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th to be exact.  Four days, Four completely different artists, Three different venues and the most amazing and intriguing stories and songs, with connections and thought-provoking lyrics.  Really it is the stories that hook me in.  Only one evening of the four was filled with local lovelies, the rest were all mostly new to me. Again I find that fascinating.

February 7th was a TD Sunfest Canada presentation called Duelling Pianos.  Eddy Bullen and his son Quincy Bullen.  Oh, the stories they told! What an amazing family and household to grow up in.  Quincy sang, played the piano like nobodies business and played the guitar! The stories Eddy told…truly delightful and magical.  I saw Eddy last year as part of a Carribean group, oh the passion these gentlemen have and the warm sweet stories.

Eddy and Quincy Bullen

February 8th found me at the Aeolian Hall yet again.  This evening’s magic was created by Andrea Romolo.  Her newest album/CD is a tribute to Leonard Cohen.  Her stories made me want to come home and dive into the research, sharing his home in Montreal while working on another project, Andrea’s history and connections created just the most delightful of stories shared and the evening in its entirety.  I am sure that is the absolutely longest show I have attended at the hall.  It was truly extraordinary and so very magical to go through her music history with her, now she is off to teach and share the wealth of her knowledge. I find Andrea’s stage presence to be so very fascinating. Lucky students, I am sure in their dance class her love of music and song, and stories will radiate through and leave lasting impressions on them all.

Andrea Ramolo

February 9th oh the joy on this night.  My favourite group, The Pairs played at the London Music Club stage.  I have not attended many shows there, but this night was all magic too! and yet again so very different from the previous two shows.  Marty Kolls was up first singing, playing piano and creating joy on the Ukelele.  Then Marion Wall from Manitoba who shares the same promoter with The Pairs, was up next with her stories, and connections to the Earth as her CD release was called.  It was an all ladies evening, with The Pairs awesome drummer Steve to round out the group.  The Pairs played last. The stories were all so fascinating, each different but also along the same lines! always stories, connections, personal experiences, and old souls were the trend this fine evening. Their beautiful voices and amazing harmony gets me every single time! so moving and heartfelt.

The Pairs

February 10th Sunday evening at the Cuckoo’s Nest Folk Club.  A really packed venue for the most amazing local music duo of Amanda Lynn Stubley and Martin Horak.  More stories, more connections, so many songs I have heard and loved from previous shows.  I just get such joy from the local connections and knowing the musicians and attending their shows, it is the stories that keep me coming back! I was tempted at one point to count the instruments on the stage for the three artists that played, and I forgot.  Martin and Amanda Lynn have quite a bunch, they were followed by Teilhard Frost from Sheesham, Lotus, and Sons as a solo show!  I was completely blown away. the instruments kept changing out, and the history and stories that came before the songs were just extraordinary and so very fascinating.  He even played a small whiskey bottle, with a story to go with the size of the bottle, the content, and most amazing sounds! It just goes to show, with a whole lot of talent, and a bunch of creativity and the will you can truly play just about anything and or make it make sound! So very fascinating. Teilhard made at least two of his banjos, complete with a quick history lesson on origin too.

Martin Horak and Amanda Lynn Stubley

Four evenings in a row, Four completely different and so very magical evenings to say the least.  The joy is definitely in the local musicians, supporting TD Sunfest is also supporting local, and their musicians are from around the world. So very fascinating.  I had heard Andrea before and did not realize she was part of Scarlett Jane! I had missed Sheesham, Lotus, and Sons last year when they were at the SOHO bar and grill which made me extra excited Teilhard was playing with the lovely local couple, Amanda Lynn and Martin.  Oh the joy, the stories, the magic, and the music that filled my heart this second weekend in February! carry on magical music year ahead….