Is this thing on???

IMG_4920IMG_4911Ok, so I started this blog as a random thing, not sure of a lot of things such as who would my audience be? Why would I write, and what would I write? I am pretty sure I am not a writer, and pretty sure I have no idea how to set this thing up 🙂 I did just find a settings thing that showed that the comments were not on! sigh…I also wonder how people find out about the blog? What do the people want to talk about? will anyone reply? will they ask questions?

Hmmm so many questions, no answers. The curiosity is awesome, and always new things to learn, so if you see this post, can you reply? or make notice that you saw or it you saw it? I started a facebook page, that I have been randomly sharing photos and events to, mainly to keep track of them myself!

I went downtown this afternoon, to a most amazing new spot and my lovely friends The Pairs were playing! two of four actually and so very much awesome.  The store front opening was about zero waste, an art hub, community oh so much awesome. I think I use the awesome word a lot, but seek and you find! awesome is everywhere. The photo is the lovely ladies singing. oh the joy! find your joy.

The craziest thing, the more people I friend on facebook and my lovely facebook friends that are ongoing and fun! I like a lot of posts and comments. for the second time in three weeks, since my birthday end of June actually, Facebook has blocked me for unusual activity. Seriously. CRAZY talk! So send me a comment, or ask questions or something 🙂 we shall see where this goes! I keep saying how amazing and awesome it is that my circles are growing and overlapping and sharing the most awesome of joy!