The sounds of summer in the Hood

Oh, the joys of summer, a glass of wine, the fireflies are flying and dancing to the local music in my front garden.  It seems there is always something going on, several nearby neighbourhood restaurants and a couple of patios, the life of leisure does amazing outdoor courtyard events, and the sounds carry far and wide! I totally love this.  I love sitting out on my porch, in the quiet of the barely after dark hour, and hearing the music and people, the gatherings and the community surrounding me, without the crowds of people, and wearing my yoga pants.

There are so many outdoor summer festivals, the Trackside event, on the July 1st, 2018 holiday weekend, Life of Leisure have hosted several events, The St. Regis, The Sunfest, and a host of other music events at the downtown parks and surrounding area! The fireworks, and the hum of the community with the music of all genres.

The other really fascinating component of porch sitting, and music listening is the backyard bonfires with guitars. So love this! The local musicians that practice on their porches and in their backyards share the joy in their sounds.  Acoustic music and add in candles and friends and wine. oh so very lovely.

Soon the Crickets will add to the evening porch songs.  Another phase of summer, the fireflies fade out, the crickets kick in…and so it goes another summer music season halfway through the summertime.  On a super quiet evening, say through the week there is always my iPod loaded with the latest in new local CDs too. Must reload it, there is a Monday in my near future.  Always something to look forward to.  The two photos I chose were two amazing outdoor events, the first at Life of Leisure on Dundas Street and the second a most amazing alleyway with music and bands, and salsa dancing and lights! I am sure I could have heard it at home from the downtown, sound carries so very amazing.

London is such a lovely, musical city to live in, most especially for the summer seasons.  There is always something going on, you can always find a bar with a patio or just plan to attend the festivals, or like me, just hang out on the porch and enjoy whatever comes my way.  This is truly summer living, so much joy right here at home.  I do love my local music and my porch! IMG_1307IMG_1047

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