It is all about the numbers!

05 05 18 PAD2This new world of blogging, and internet and facebook and sharing stuff! Oh, my goodness. I keep saying I am not a writer, but I take photos, each and every day I take at least one photo and love to share them with friends on Facebook.  On Facebook, my friend’s friends can see the photos I share.  Last week I got a message from FB saying that I had 50,000 likes from my friends! Wow.  That is a huge number, given that I have only about 220 active friends who read my FB. So very fascinating.

I am not sure where this will lead, and it has honestly been more than a month since my last post! Last month was crazy busy for a May! I attended 17 music events! That is far too many given that I have other things in life going on too.  So far this year, by the end of May I have attended 56 music events!  I posted my May photo a day series as a collage and noted that I have only had coffee on the porch 4 times in May. That is not nearly enough and I need to do better for June.

It is all about the numbers, dollar numbers, time numbers, tracking numbers, calendar numbers, so many choices!  I tend to keep track of a lot of things number wise apparently.  I do a photo a day project, this is my eighth consecutive year of a photo a day, I log at least 2500 photos a month in my files on the computer, I work 37.5 hours in a week, I sleep a bunch of hours :), I am also tracking my year of being 52.  When I turned 49 and did my 49 adventures, I did a ton of documenting, writing and sharing, and posting and saving and editing! there were nearly 10,000 photos in that file.

This last year I have been exploring 52.  I turned 52 in June of 2017, and have been simply unable to top my 49 adventures and my 100 music events of 2017.  Exploring 52 is all about numbers and pages in my journal, as well as the regularly scheduled photo projects.

So many numbers, so little time.





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