There is nothing like local folk…

IMG_9798This evening I attended the local folk VI at the magical Aeolian Hall.  Each show I attend at the Aeolian Hall, it is mentioned in the introductions at the start of each show how live music is magic by the hosts, Steve, Matt, Michael almost always. There is also a framed poster by the elevator in the Aeolian Hall that quotes something about the magic of music needs to be spread.  Always magic, always!

This evening was no different, first off it was a show to release a new CD by Aaron Allen. The first band up was Aistis and the second was Aaron Allen and the Small City Saints. To think that I am able to just pay fifteen dollars, walk or drive three blocks, to the magical Aeolian Hall, in my hood and enjoy local music, produced by locals, paid by locals, and to know a whole bunch of people in the audience is truly amazing to me! That is the magic part. A few years ago, it never would have occurred to me to just head out and go see a show by myself, and know so many people!  I am greeted at the door with a smile and the lovely volunteers know my name. How awesome is that?

A funny story from another Aeolian Evening in the hood, the night before, but all about local! The Early Morning played first before Megan Bonnell.  The Early Morning band are all local people.  There were five on stage Wednesday evening and apparently, the band members have 59 kids between them all!  Jim and Sandy MacDonald have four sweet kids, one of them is Jude.  He put his name on a ballot to be drawn to win tickets, as Jude please let me win, MacDonald. We know this because his ballot was indeed drawn! His parents Jim and Sandy attend the fun Aaron Allen CD release party! so fun.  Mark Schram of another local band wanted to use the winning words on his ballots for both shows 🙂

I truly do feel oh so lucky to have such close proximity to awesome. Tonight was no exception. the venue is beyond magical, and yes I do say magical and the Aeolian Hall in one sentence, it is always the thought.



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