Places I have been…

IMG_9194In the wise words of Dr. Seuss,” oh the places you will go, you have shoes on your feet and brains in your head!” I love that quote, really any Dr. Seuss quote will do. This one seems fitting in my world, simply because that seems to be how I decide what event I will take in.  Ticket price is sometimes an issue, or a deciding factor, but wow this week was way over the top with amazing free choices or donations to exceptionally awesome groups!  The Jack Richardson London Music Awards week.  There was absolutely not enough time or energy after a full work week to take in even a small portion of the amazing local events.  It would be cool if there was a passport for the JRLMA week, you could get stamps at each stop, more out of curiosity to see how many are attending and where for the organizers.  I love to document my adventures, so that might also be where that thought comes into play.

My week of amazing events started on Sunday, April 8th, 2018 at the magical Aeolian Hall, for the JRLMA Jazz component for awards.  It was a lovely evening.  Monday evening, March 9th, 2018  after work I headed out to The Angry Goat, gotta love that name! It is on Wellington Road, and the event there was hosted by Laura Gagnon, the Dollhouse Showcase.  The Dollhouse showcase usually plays out the last Sunday of each month, but the JRLMA was a special event.  Special indeed it was amazing! Four very talented ladies that entertained all with great style all evening long!  Tuesday evening I did not make any plans for going out, Wednesday, March 11th, 2018 was the pub crawl night and a billion other choices too! Teleporting would have been for flitting around town.  I went to Steve Murphy’s CD release the Lonesome Scrapbook, in the Rosewood Room, with all funds raised going to the amazing El Sistema group.  I left there to head over to the magical Aeolian Hall! Oh, how I love the Aeolian Hall, I was truly hoping to get to hear at least one or two songs by Marty Kolls and Paul Aitken, alas all I got was the photo I asked to take after they had finished! Ellen Doty was the headliner, and was really quite lovely! I am always amazed at how Michael pairs up the acts.  If the local opening act is someone I know and love, I know I will love the rest of the show.  Wednesday night was no exception.  Friday evening, April 13th, 2018 was a TD Sunfest Canada evening at the magical Aeolian Hall once again. The music Friday was African! Oh my how colourful, poetic and full of joy! Lorraine Klassen was truly a joy to watch and hear!  Sunday evening, April 15th, 2018 was the JRLMA Gala, where the awards were handed out, talent was showcased, and the talent in our town is truly something magical!

All genres of music, all ages, and categories, there truly is no reason on earth for Londoners to not find something that suits there fancy, go out support local musicians, find something new and fascinating to do! London really does have all the bases covered.  You can say you knew that awesome group when they got their start in London, Ontario.



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