The Benefits of Live Music


When I set out to attend the Aeolian Hall once a month, as part of my yearly goals it was merely to put things in writing and see if I could actually commit to it! Well low and behold I did that and then some of course, with my 100 events attended in 2017.

Going back maybe three years, and then jumping ahead to the present time, I can definitely say life got better when I got out more and attended all kinds of events with the great intention of just being and loving whatever I found.

Now I am seeing all kinds of positives take shape, from the past adventures and of course now my need to continue seeing these amazing live, local music events and also sharing the joy that my photos of the events with the musicians! It is the full circle, the magic of music, community, the whole deal has been a huge win in my world.  That I attend these events on my own and do not honestly give a thought to being alone or looking odd, or even considering what others might think!  I am always surprised when I am asked, “you mean you went to the Aeolian Hall last night all by yourself? wasn’t that awkward?”  My answer is always the same, except now after reading the article I have linked below my reply will be “I am out at this show for the goodness of my health!”

I really do believe my life has improved and dramatically so in so many different ways via the local music events of the last couple of years, and my adventures and goals! It is always so very cool to be able to check things off the list and look through the photos and posts from Facebook and see how much I have done, where I have been, and how far I have come. It is also rather fascinating that there are studies on this very subject.  I am also apparently a trendsetter.

As always my question after the fact is “who knew” I keep surprising and amazing myself in attaining the goals I set, but I must say, trying to up the game on my 49 adventures, or the 100 music events/once a month to the Aeolian Hall has become the new challenge! Perhaps I just need to continue on, documenting, reading, sharing, snapping photos and exploring all things.  Most especially loving the community that I have found and the love of My London, thru my lens project.  I challenge you all, set a goal, go find new things, explore and share. But do it your way, through your lens. Go ahead now, live in the moment and document it all.

Going to Concerts Is Good for Your Health (Study)

This is a really great article to read. carry on.IMG_2073

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