Down the Rabbit Hole…

Down the rabbit hole has become a rather fascinating and intriguing line of thought for me, in my quest to attend to local music events and find the most amazing talented musicians that London, Ontario has.  A few years ago, random and coincidentally I met a lovely woman named Mandy Verge, on Facebook first, and then in person.  Our connection was again so very random and intriguing.  It was my birthday in the year of 2014 when I had set out to do 49 adventures.  One of my online friends had started a colouring group.  We were meeting at Masonville Library for our evenings of calm and creative colouring. There have been a few connections and always so very random and intriguing through one Facebook friend who knows two more Facebook friends! So fun! At the Masonville Library, Mandy Verge a freelance artist, and poster designer extraordinaire; created a poster for the library group to colour! After months of online chatting, and finally, the day arrived where we met in person!

Mandy Verge has this fascinating, magical musical life with the most intriguing connections.  She was noticing the type of events I was attending and we chatted back and forth.  The main event that Mandy was involved with was the River Rock festival in St. Mary’s.  I avidly followed the postings, and the page and watched for announcements.  The poster was designed for the River Rock festival and Mandy had a colouring contest, which was posted to our colouring group in London.  Mandy and I kept commenting back and forth on my adventures down the rabbit hole.  I completely loved this analogy! So fun, and so very intriguing, the twists and turns and so very random made it very fascinating to be a part of, to go searching for, connecting with! It just kept happening! So very fun.  Mandy spoke of Broomsticks and Hammers, and The Marrieds who were both playing at the first River Rock festival.  Broomsticks and Hammers were having their first show ever there!

It would be two years before I heard Broomsticks and Hammers, I caught the last few minutes of their show at Victoria Park, Home County Folk Festival.  The Marrieds were still quite elusive in my adventures, as I missed out on the first River Rock festival, but loved the postings of photos and sharing from Mandy! So very awesome. The circle connections kept on going, round and round, and all so very new to me!

The twists and turns continued, always landing back to Facebook friends and connections, it amazed me how many common friends one friend to the next one led me to.  Some of my very favourite people and I have 35 or more common friends on Facebook.  We have mostly all met in person, but there is the odd random joy of meeting local facebook friends at these extraordinary events.  So many lovely people and we all attend the same sort of events, and have so much in common, all through our love of local music! This is so very fascinating to me.  The rabbit hole tour continues and so does the sharing of photos and adventures!

So very fascinating the connections, the contacts, via contacts and Facebook friends. I am pretty sure, here in London, Ontario we are not more than two degrees of seperation.

Let the fun continue, and may the circles grow, and the rabbit hole tour be forever ongoing and full of the most delightful stories and people!

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