So, this really happened….


So this really happened! The interview, getting my story shared.  I was at city hall just before Christmas, enjoying the magical music of Bill Needham and Paul Aitken of Broomsticks and Hammers , playing Christmas music and some beautiful music from their new CD Mirrorbox .   It was a lunch time performance, hosted by the London Music Office.  Bill asked if I had told Cory Crossman my story of my 100 music events for 2017.  It had not honestly occurred to me! Kind of silly that it would not have in hind sight.

I did introduce myself to Cory Crossman, of the @London Music Office .  What a cool experience! Cory was intrigued by my attendance record, and the brief story he got. I sent him an email and just after Christmas he asked if they could do an interview.  What a fun experience! We met at the most magical Aeolian Hall, my very, very favourite venue, where I saw 35 shows last year.  The interview was just complete fun! Dana Waugh arrived to document story, and they kept asking the coolest of questions.

Where did I find all these amazing events to go see? How did you keep track? What was your favourite? Who did you meet? Why did you do that?

Honestly this little project, that turned out to be absolutely so awesome and huge was nothing more than random and chance all round! sounds silly really, but it is true.  My goal of going to one Aeolian Hall show a month, seemed easy, reasonable, affordable and of course doable.  I live three blocks away, and envisioned a nice evening stroll through the hood, and over to the hall. simple really. just pick one evening and go.

I have yet to walk to the hall, I also attended sixty five music events, that were not at the hall.  I found all kinds of new places, and experiences to love.  Of course I keep coming back to the Aeolian. The feel of the hall is all magical, and homey, cozy, like a living a room concert, with more space.  I almost always sit in the first few rows, so I can take snapshots, and of course pretend that it is my living room, that the magic is happening in, and the other 176 guests are really just back ground sound.  The hall is so very intimate, and lovely and the acoustics are magical. Always…

Here is the final product from the snowy January 12, 2018 that captured my whole year of magical musical adventures.  Stay tuned for the 2018 version.


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  1. Donna says:

    thanks Maya, that is a great idea! i tend to not plan to far ahead, but i have started putting things on the April calendar for future reference. I have also started a list of the upcoming summer festivals and their dates. should be fun!

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  2. Maya Love says:

    Wow Donna what an amazing magical musical story!!! So many events! I can hardly wait to read what musical adventures you report about next. Will you be informing your readers of up-coming events and concerts so we can join You?

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