The London Music Office~Social Media Event

IMG_7921IMG_7918IMG_7919On Monday evening, March 5th, 2018, I joined a keen group of local London people to share and learn more about Social Media in the music industry, mainly for musicians.  It was so very fascinating from the get go! I know names of the local London musicians, but not faces, and of course I knew Cory Crossman of the London Music Office.  I also saw a few others there that had been at other shows or knew them from events attended and mutual friends! It was inspiring, intriguing and a whole new world to me! The larger majority of the group in attendance were musicians age 18-35 demographic, clearly not me!

Tanya was one of the hosts for the evening and did an exceptionally great talk about the whole deal of Social Media. One of her first questions was to get an idea of the mix of people in her audience. Are you a solo musician? In a band? in the music Industry? ummm nope, nope, and nope! After the interview I did with Cory Crossman at the magical Aeolian Hall about my 100 local music events attended last year, It had been suggested many times that I start a blog….soooooo what better way to learn all things blog related than to attend a social media event.  It was awesome.

Eric Ethridge is a country singer, getting started or actively persuing his career from Sarnia.  It was a fascinating look at the younger generation of people and how they connect, and why! It seems instagram is the current favourite way to keep in touch with their fans.  The other two panelists, Tanya and Eric work for in the marketing department.  They know their stuff.

I learned a new word this fine evening, one that actually may well apply to me! The word is “Maven” . This is the dictionary definition of the word maven~

Slang definitions & phrases for mavenExpand



An expert; an authority; a connoisseur growing clientele of pizzamavins/A real advertising mavin must have thought that up

[1965s+; fr Yiddish fr Hebrew, ”understanding’]

Eric E. used the word maven this way, his comment was, everyone wants to find their maven.  I was fascinated.  He said the maven is the one fan that follows their shows and progress, and album releases etc with great interest, and shares all they find and love and enjoy! so find your maven, expert words of advise he offered the other musicians.  I think I might be a local music maven. So very fascinating, it seems entirely possible I may have found a spot to belong.  Or at least a title to call my own, said with a smile and joy of course! It fits quite perfectly.


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